NEWSLETTER September 2017

LIDAX is are glad to inform you about our latest news on Opto Mechanical Units developed for 2020 ExoMars RAMAN Spectrometer and, our Assembly Integration & Testing facilties which operate in Cleanliness Conditions.

Internal Optical Head EQM & Autofocus Mechanism

An EQM Model of the Internal Optical Head for ExoMars RAMAN Spectrometer has been delivered to INTA to be validated during testing campaign. It incorporates a high resolution autofocus mechanism with an accuracy on the measured laser spot of +/-0.05mm. This high performance space optomechanical unit, with special planetary protection feautures, has been developed jointly by INTA and LIDAX.
The Internal Optical Head and its Autofocus Mechanism is a subsystem of RAMAN Laser Spectrometer (RLS), one of the Pasteur Payload instruments, which is part of the ESA/Roscosmos ExoMars 2020 Mission that will provide precise identification of the mineral phases and the possibility to detect micro-organisms evidences on the Red Planet.
LIDAX’s responsibilities are:

  • System Engineering
  • Design and analysis of the Structural Subsystem
  • Development of the Autofocus Mechanism
  • MAI of an EQM & FM
  • Mechanism Qualification Testing Campaign
  • GSE Development  The Mission is scheduled to be launched in 2020.
























New Clean Rooms for Opto-Mechanical Assembly, Integration and Testing Activities 

Two new CLEAN ROOMS ISO 7 / ISO 5 have been commissioned and are in operation at LIDAX’s Laboratories. These facilities are equipped with a Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM), an autocollimator, an interferometer and additional inspection tools such as HD Cameras, Thermal Cameras, UV/VIS Lamp, etc. to succesfully perform inspections and integration activities of Opto-mechanical Subsystems in the most demanding cleanliness conditions.
Additionally, these Clean Rooms are equipped with 2 different Thermal Testing Chambers:

  • One Cryostat
  • One High Temperature Vacuum Chamber  Having the Thermal Testing Chambers and the mentioned optical metrology equipment inside the Clean Rooms, allows LIDAX to carry out functional testing of equipment mechanism and opto-mechanical systems with high accuracy and precision.