LIDAX develops Advanced Mechanical Systems for cutting-edge Instrumentation.

From conceptual design to delivery of turn-key systems, LIDAX provides products which are part of satellites and on-ground scientific support equipment.

LIDAX collaborates with Universities, Companies and Public Research Institutions which work in the high value sectors such as Space and Science.

This collaboration is based on long-term commitments, offering expert technical staff that understands the clients’ requirements and meets their needs by relying on innovation, which is the main strength of this business.


LIDAX aims to be recognized as a global engineering company which focuses on the development of advanced instrumentation. Its goal is to succeed in scientific projects. We satisfy our customers’ most demanding needs by ensuring excellence and the utmost quality of our work.


LIDAX’s most valuable asset lies in its people. Besides being technically proficient they are approachable, enthusiastic and committed to meeting client expectations every day.

The quality of our work and the confidence, which has been built over the years, has allowed LIDAX to build a fruitful and close relationship with space companies and researchers from different public research institutions and universities, whose work has been widely recognized.

LIDAX, as a member of the science industry sector , aims to continue developing advanced instrumentation for the astronomical, HEPM and space science sub-sectors. We intend to pursue these goals in  mutual collaboration with our clients.