February 2020. LIDAX participates in the development of an optical objective for the future generation of thermal infrared instruments for agricultural use.

  • MORERA, which will be released in 2023, will develop a personalized irrigation recommendation system for each plot based on satellite images and Artificial Intelligence, as well as a new generation of miniaturized and compact remote sensing instruments to respond with agility to the user needs
  • The project led by Thales Alenia Space in Spain, with the participation of LIDAX on its consortium, has the objective to promote the Spanish agricultural industry, the most important in the country representing 11% of its GDP, providing personalized information to farmers allowing them to apply precision agriculture at low cost
  • This initiative brings together all actors in the value chain, responding to the needs of the sector in terms of resource management in the context of climate change


This project is funded in the framework of the “Missions Program” of the Centre for Technological Industrial Development (CDTI) and the Ministry os Science, Innovation and Universities






Upcoming Trade fairs, Exhbitions & Conferences  

LIDAX will be attending the following Trade fairs, Exhbitions & Conferences with the aim to exchange and discuss new ideas and projects with Space System Integrators, partners and suppliers.  Let’s meet at:

  • TOULOUSE SPACE SHOWS  (26-28 June, Pierre Baudis Congress Center Toulouse France)
  • INDUSTRY SPACE DAYS (11-12 September, ESA ESTEC Noordwijk the Netherlands)
  • ICSO 2018 – 12th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SPACE OPTICS (9-12 October 2018, Chania, Greece)



Javier Serrano Tellez, 54, Almería, Spain passed away the 5th of May 2017 in Guadalajara Hospital by a hidden and unexpected cancer.

Javier was born in Almeria 5th of March 1963. He loved its land and its light. He loved the sea and his dream was sail in Cabo de Gata transparent waters.

He was graduated as Master in Aeronautical Engineering by Madrid University in 1986.

Javier was married with Consuelo Ortiz for more than 15 years. He had no children.

He was friend of his friends. He always had time for them.

Javier worked in INTA as Mechanisms Engineer for more than 10 years. He developed one of the Antenna Pointing Mechanisms for ENVISAT mission. He was respected for everybody and admired by a lot of colleagues.

In 2000, he was one of the cofounders of LIDAX Ingeniería were he was working as Technical Director for more than 17 years.

On these 17 years Javier was a mentor and a teacher for dozens of young graduates, some of them are now part of LIDAX company and some others are now working on the best Space companies and institutions all around Europe.

Javier was tremendously generous, honest and compromised with his staff, customers and suppliers. These values were transferred to the LIDAX statement from its foundation.

He has been a key piece for transforming LIDAX from a white paper sheet to a top-class company that today delivers equipment and units for the most demanding Astronomical and Earth Observation spacecraft’s.

Javier no matter where you are, in the Sky or even farther away in another Galaxy, you will be always in our hearts and we will never forget you because a part of what we are or what we do, it is all thanks to you.

An in your memory and honor we will continue GROWING TOGETHER.

God bless you



September 2016. CAS FM model delivered 

LIDAX is proud to announce that FM Model of Co-Alignment Sensor (CAS) developed jointly by CRISA and LIDAX under ESA program with AIRBUS Defence & Space as industry prime has been delivered at the end of September 2016.  The Co-Alignment Sensor (CAS) is a part of ATLID Instrument EarthCARE Mision, whose responds to the need to provide a picture of the 3-dimensional spatial and temporal structure of the radiative flux field at the top of the Earth atmosphere, within the atmosphere and at the Earth’s surface. The mission is due for launch in 2018. (Image Courtesy of AIRBUS)



February 12th 2016. Participation of LIDAX in RIA-SpaceTec Meeting

on 10th – 12th February, LIDAX has participated in RIA-SpaceTec Meeting. During the congress, there were presented some projects and its current status mainly related to Astrophysics Instrumentation.  The event was full of meaningful institutions in the Space Science Domain like: CAB-INTA, IAA, IEEC, CSIC among others that LIDAX uses to collaborate on their space instruments development.


January 2016. 15th Anniversary of LIDAX

On 11th January, the company LIDAX is going to celebrate the 15th Anniversary. We would like to thank to all our clients for being with us and hope to continue our relationship in the future.

We wish ourselves to keep developing and more new innovative technologies.


June 2nd 2014. LIDAX moves to a new Location

On 2014 2nd June, LIDAX has moved Engineering premises and Assembly, Integration and Testing Laboratory (SMARTLAB) to a single building in Paracuellos de Jarama.

With this important change, LIDAX Board of Directors hopes to improve the efficiency of the company and be prepared for more-demanding future projects.

New address is:

Antonio Alonso Martin 1

28860 Paracuellos de Jarama


May 8th 2014. Legal setting-up of  SUMA Aerospace Joint Venture

On 2014 May 8th top managers of FLAVIA, RAMEM, TEMAI and LIDAX set up SUMA Aerospace Joint Venture.

July 24th 2013. Sign of Memorandum of Understanding for the creation of SUMA Aerospace Joint Venture

On 2013 July 24th top managers of FLAVIA, RAMEM, TEMAI and LIDAX sign the MoM for the creation of SUMA Aerospace Joint Venture.

SUMA’s objective is to become an international level recognized organization in the Design, Manufacturing, Commercialization and Maintenance of electro-mechanical equipments for Aeronautic sector.

Whit this cooperation agreement, LIDAX strengthens two of its major business strategic lines:

  • Diversification top high-value markets
  • Internationalization


December 18th 2012.Fnal Integration of MIXS Focal Plane Assembly

Final Integration of Bepi Colombo MIXS Focal Plane Assembly.

In its SMARTLAB premises, LIDAX team has concluded the integration of MIXS Focal Plane Assembly. MIXS is one of the scientific instruments that will be sent to Mercury on board of Bepi Colombo ESA Mission.

9-12 October 2012 ICSO (Ajaccio, Corse)

LIDAX has actively participated in the International Conference on Space Optics ICSO2012.

LIDAX has been invited by the Organizing Committee to present the paper “BepiColombo MIXS Focal Plane Assembly”.

ICSO2012 Delegates and Customers were all welcomed to visit our booth to present our engineering services in Full Opto-Mechanical equipments development.

July 2012 SPIE (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

LIDAX has presented the paper “Experience on a cryogenic linear mechanism based on superconducting levitation” during the event SPIE Astronomical Telescopes Space Instrumentation from 1st to 6th July 2012 at RAI Convention Center (Amsterdam).

Since 2007 LIDAX has participated in the most relevant event for developers of ground and space based telescopes, supporting technologies, and the latest instrumentation.

During this new edition Mr. Heribert Vilaseca will present the results of a complete levitation system development, including extensive cryogenic testing to measure optically the motion range, resolution, run-outs and rotations in order to characterize the levitation mechanism and to verify its performance under cryogenic environment.

July 2012 Space Planetary Gearboxes Development

LIDAX is developing for the Space Telecommunications Systems market, a new generation of planetary gearboxes that in conjunction with electrical motors could be able to operate critical mechanisms during phases where: Power is limited or/and it’s necessary an urgent deployment including in a non-nominal S/C configuration, during which the deployment mechanisms could be exposed to extreme temperature conditions.

Some variety of applications are going to take advantage of this technological development, such as:Solar Array Drive Mechanisms (SADM), Antenna Deployment and Pointing Mechanisms (ADPM), Instruments mechanism, robotic joints, rover locomotion systems, rotary actuators, etc,…

Actually a multidisciplinary team led by LIDAX space engineers is carrying out this project to obtain a compact family of space gearboxes as building block, analyzing:Gears geometry and overall gearbox geometry configuration (scalable for the different family members)
Tooth geometry and materials, Lubrication, Bearings on planets shafts, Input and output gearbox bearings, etc.

At the end of 2014, a first set of the new generation of Space Planetary Gearboxes will be delivered to the customers.

Note: The Project “DESARROLLO DE UNA FAMILIA DE REDUCTORES PARA USO ESPACIAL” has been funded by the 2012 call announcement INNPACTO Subprogram, from the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, within the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development and Technology Innovation 2008-2011. (Ref. Number IPT-2012-1250-370000)

June 2012 Infoday FP7 Space (Guildford, England)

LIDAX has attended the FP7 Space Information Day at University of Surrey on 20/21 June 2012.

During this infoday Mr. Jesus Aivar presented LIDAX skills and capabilities, especially for the following Critical Technologies Topics: Advance Thermal Control Systems and Space Qualification of Low Shock NEA Actuators.

Since 2009 LIDAX has participated in FP7 Space collaborative projects aligned with our R+D strategy line.

June 2011

LIDAX attended at the Space Instrumentation Symposium organized by ASTROMADRID Association.

LIDAX as an active member of ASTROMADRID has participated on 29th and 30th June, 2011 at the CSIC as Official Sponsor of Space Instrumentation Conference.

This forum brings the opportunity to put attention on the Spanish Contribution (Scientific Groups and National Industry) in ESA science missions with the aim to consolidate our presence and  strengths and encourage our  participation as Co IP and IP  in the singular instrumentation applying a common strategy.

May 2011

LIDAX has participated on 16th ,17th  and 18th May, 2011 in Hamburg (Germany) in the 10th European Congress about  Diagnostics and  Instrumentation for Particle Accelerators known by its acronym DIPAC2011 held in Hamburg (Germany).

In these Days LIDAX had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the international scientific community presenting our technical solutions that can be developed for scientific instrumentation and prototypes mechanism for the challenges of scientific facilities related with particle accelerators.