The main objective of LIDAX, since its origin as a company, is twofold. First, to offer a service with a very high level of technical skills and, the second one, to involve the customer in the project process, which is an aspect that clearly distinguishes LIDAX from other companies.

LIDAX always establishes a personal program plan which encourages the client to be involved in the project. The project manager and the rest of the staff always get deeply involved with the client, solving its requests with total transparency.

Thus, LIDAX assumes a commitment that leads to a comprehensive concept of quality. We work under the principle of progressive development, growing by accumulation of  gradual contributions from  each and every section  and activity of the company.

Lidax’ Quality Assurance/Quality Control Department is completely independent of the operational departments within de company . Since  2004 it is in charge of the quality management system  which is constantly developed and updated and has been certified under EN ISO 9100 and 9001, and it is annually audited  as well by AENOR.

In addition to this, our Quality Assurance Department is directly involved in the programs through product assurance activities following the guidelines of the European Space Agency (ESA) ECSS standards.