LIDAX’s way to overcome the current difficulties and uncertainties towards the future is providing smart and reliable solutions to the new technological challengers.

In that sense, during the last five years, LIDAX has been focused on searching complementary strengths with the aim to work in long term basis, creating more value for the customer than he could obatain independently.

This section aims to show some examples about these technological alliances within complementary knowledge areas where the differences between the companies and R+D Centers are additive, and the objective just could be effectively achieved together.

Joint Venture leaded by a renowned aerospace consortium made up by four European companies: LIDAX, RAMEM, TEMAI and FLAVIA; with the aim to provide complete product
development during all the life cycle in the Aerospace market.

In the framework of a FP7 Space project, LIDAX is part of a consortium of 6 partners from 5 countries, including Universities, Research Centres and SME companies.

The objective is to design and build a harmonic drive able to work under cryogenic conditions, with extremely low friction, long life time and no wear.

This harmonic drive will achieve a great reduction ratio, being able to function at cryogenic temperatures and based on a non-contact interaction between magnets, soft magnetic materials and superconductors. The drive will not use any lubrication and will be free of wearing.


LIDAX is an associated partner in ASTROMADRID group since its foundation in 2010.

This group intends to integrate and coordinate several multidisciplinary scientific groups and companies from Madrid’s Region with interest in the development of astronomy and astrophysics instrumentation at national and international level.