From infrared instrumentation (both onboard and on-ground) to particle accelerators, passing through High Energy Physics or superconductivity, there are many circumstances in which High Performance Advanced Mechanical Equipment, capable of operating under Liquid Nitrogen temperature, is needed.

When working at cryogenic temperatures, unpredictable phenomena may arise in materials, determining, in many cases, the good operation of the Advanced Mechanical Equipment.

Remarkably likely phenomena include:

  • Variations in mechanical, thermal and electric properties of materials
  • Appearance of residual deformations caused by machining processes of mechanical parts
  • Malfunctioning of classic lubricants
  • Cold Welding

LIDAX and its R+D Department have developed customized Advance Instrumentation to operate under cryogenic environments.

The projects carried out by LIDAX explained in this section allowed us to launch new services and products closely related to Cryogenic Systems.

These products are suitable for modification under new client specific requirements.