LIDAX’s organization chart is structured in various functional departments. One of them is the operating department (Technical Management) which is organized in three different areas of specialization (Design, Analysis and AIV). The Technical Management is in charge of the technical implementation of the projects according to the highest possible levels of quality and efficiency.

The different markets in which the company operates, both at sector level (Aeronautics and Space) are organized according to the model of strategic business units. These business units bring together both the resources for business development and sales, and the Project Managers. This communication between sales and project management ensures a perfect transmission of the objectives of the project, both before and during the execution. In addition, the separation between different business units enhances the diversification of the company; delimiting the risks of starting and / or developing a new business.

The department in charge of Quality Assurance has the status of Management Department (with a director) and is independent of both the Technical Management and the different Business Units.

This functional and coordinated structure allows us to achieve all the development cycle assuming the complete control of the process, establishing a close communication with our clients during the project development stage.