The MTS Folding Mirror Subsystem is part of the MIRI Telescope Simulator, which is an Optical Ground Support Equipment for ESA MIRI (Medium Infrared Instrument) qualification in the frame of the James Webb Space Telescope

The Subsystem consists of four different mirror assemblies to adapt the optical path to the available envelope.

The mirrors, made of golden aluminum, are placed between exit pupil and image plane with suitable orientation to reproduce specific chief ray deviation.

Remote adjustment (rotation) for image compensation at cryogenic conditions is available for two mirror assemblies by means of two independent high resolution rotation mechanisms (10µrad ~0.05 µm).

The main features of these equipment are as follows:

  • Cryogenic Mirrors with remote rotation capability 2 DoF, Range ±1100 µrad Resolution 1μrad ~0.05μm Temp 25 K
  • Pick-off Mirror Simulator λ=[5 µm- 28µm] mid-IR Operation Temp 35K-77K