The use of rotary or linear mechanisms in cryogenic environments is always a matter of concern because of the intrinsic cryogenic design complexity and testing constraints.

LIDAX has completed the development of a linear actuator with extensive cryogenic testing and strict configuration control to ensure product performance repeatability in future manufactured units, and to provide a reference frame for current and future cryogenic fine positioning developments.

The Cryogenic Submicron Linear Actuator (CSA) is a medium range (±5 mm) submicron resolution linear actuator suitable to be used at cryogenic temperatures.

Main features are as follows:

  • Type Push-Pull
  • Range ±5 mm
  • Load >20N
  • Speed 0-0.1 mm/s
  • Operating Temp 12-300K
  • Resolution <50 nm
  • Mass 290 gr
  • Size Ø26mmx150mm

The unit has been developed for fine positioning use and is based on stepper motor, planetary gear and nut & screw concept; this standard configuration allows easy upgrade for load, speed or resolution for more demanding applications.