LIDAX  aims to provide integrated solutions to our clients from the Space Sector- Thus, we assume the complete processes of design, development, and manufacturing of the tools required for testing activities on flight models.

It is in this context that  we have developed “turn-key” Mechanical Ground Support Equipment and also Optical Ground Support Equipment following the Space Standards.

Listed below are some MGSE and OGSE projects:


  • ESA Herschel Space Telescope. Mounting Structure high resolution alignment tool (Resolution: Translation 1µm; Rotation: 1.8µrad). Complete Equipment supplier
  • Test Rig For Meteor Missile Large rig for testing METEOR Missile. Temperature shock test (100–500ºC/60 s). Complete Equipment supplier


  • EChO Fine Steering Tip Tilt Mechanism. 30K Cryogenic Testing Campaign & Cryo OGSE Development. Range: ±2.58 arcse; Resolution: ±0.001 arcsec
  • JWST Cryo Telescope Simulator. Cryogenic Mirrors with remote rotation capability. 2 DoF Range: ±1100 µrad, Resolution: 1μrad ~0.05μm. Complete equipment supplier
  • JSWT-MIRI Pick-off Mirror Simulator. λ=[5 µ – 28 µ] mid-IR Operation Tª: 35K-77K. Complete Equipment supply
  • IACAT Atmospheric Turbulence Simulator of Telescopes for Adaptative Optics. Simulating IAC Telescopes Grantecan (GTC), William Herschel Telescope (WHT) & Optical Ground Station (OGS). Complete Equipment supplier