Development of Optomechanics Instrumentation is one of the strongest competences at LIDAX, including the positioning or correction mechanisms required for the optical elements, which are normally of high accuracy and stability, required in Spectrometers and Focal Plane Assemblies (FPAs).

LIDAX expertise covers all activities related to these developments: optomechanical design, functional, structural & thermal analyses, clean integration, and optical & functional testing.

The following projects can be pointed out:

  • MTG FCI&IRS Telescope Optics. Optical Mounts & Thermo-mechanics
  • Focal Plane Assembly CAS Co-Alignment Sensor ATLID EarthCare Instrument Mission Earth Observation Satellite
  • PROBA 3. Optical Coarse Lateral Sensor. Development of an optical sensor for Satellites Flight Formation
  • Focal Plane Assembly for ISSIS Instrument Phase B. STM Model
  • JEM-EUSO IR Camera Thermo-Mechanical Analysis (S/S and Instrument level) Mechanical Conceptual Design
  • UVAS –Ultraviolet Visible and near infrared Atmospheric Sounder Scientific Instrument Breadboard