For a long time now, the development of advance mechanical systems has been a  matter of concern in particle accelerators, high energy physics or superconductivity.

The use of equipment under cryogenic environment in Beamlines (such as the Cryo-modules) and the necessity of a properly structure alignment of some devices inside them (RF Cavities, Solenoids, etc.) sometimes requires active nano positioning elements or high performance structures.

For this reason, LIDAX, with the aim to fill the absence of technology companies in this field, has managed to build up a   reliable experience in the development of:

  • High Precision Cryogenic Actuators and Advance Structures, operating under hazards conditions High Vacuum and Low Temperatures
  • High Precision Positioning Mechanism, Superconducting Mechanism and Mechatronics
  • High Precision Alignment and Metrology
  • Opto-mechanical Instrumentation, Lasers, Slits, etc.

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