LIDAX carries out the design of thermal control systems required in Cryo-modules (to allow the correct adjustment of RF Cavities, Solenoids, Supports, etc.), either passive systems based on structures athermalization, use of flexible straps and radiators, or active systems composed of heaters and/or thermoelectric coolers and temperature sensors.

For that purpose, LIDAX has broad experience in the definition and use of thermal hardware:

  • Temperature sensors (platinum resistances, thermistors, thermocouples)
  • Flexible thermal straps (twisted thread, stacked sheets…)
  • Heaters
  • Peltiers
  • Interfillers
  • PID controllers

In addition, LIDAX applies detailed and reduced thermal models to the design of these systems, which are built with the software SYSTEMA 4.3.3 by ASTRIUM, where THERMICA runs as a pre-post processor and THERMISOL as a powerful Solver.