Subsystems Development for On-ground Astronomy is one of the oldest and best-known competences at LIDAX, a company that accumulates a valuable knowledge on mechanical stability and high accuracy.

LIDAX expertise covers all activities related with these developments: design, structural & thermal analyses, integration, and functional testing.

The following projects can be pointed out:

• ELMER Folding Mirrors Development Zerodur Large aperture mirrors with 3 DoF Mechanisms, kinematics mounts. Actuation ranges: ±2 mm, ± 2.5 deg. 1µm-1µrad linear & rotational stiffness. Gran Telescopio Canarias

• Lateral Support for M1 Mirrors Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC). Interface with Ceramic mirror Subsystem with Low Axial Stiffness, High Lateral Stiffness, Non-maintenance required. Complete Equipment Supplier

• IACAT Atmospheric Turbulence Simulator of Telescopes for Adaptive Optics. Simulating Different Grantecan (GTC), William Herschel Telescope (WHT) & Optical Ground Station (OGS) IAC Telescopes. Complete Equipment Supplier.