Development of Opto-mechanical Instrumentation for On-ground Astronomy is one of the strongest competences at LIDAX, including the positioning or correction mechanisms required for the optical elements, which are normally of high accuracy and stability.

LIDAX expertise covers all activities related with these developments: optomechanical design, functional, structural & thermal analyses, clean integration, and optical & functional testing.

The following projects can be pointed out:

• ELMER Folding Mirrors Development Zerodur Large aperture mirrors with 3 DoF Mechanisms, kinematics mounts. Actuation ranges: ±2 mm, ± 2.5 deg.1µm-1µrad linear & rotational stiffness. Gran Telescopio Canarias

• IACAT Atmospheric Turbulence Simulator of Telescopes for Adaptive Optics. Simulating different Telescopes such as Grantecan (GTC), William Herschel Telescope (WHT) & Optical Ground Station (OGS). Equipment supplier

JWST Cryo Telescope Simulator. Cryogenic Mirrors with remote rotation capability. 2 DoF Range: ±1100 µrad 
Resolution: 1μrad ~0.05μm. Complete equipment supplier

• JSWT-MIRI Pick-off Mirror Simulator. λ=[5 µm- 28 µm] mid-IR Operation Tª: 35K-77K
Complete Equipment supply

• RAMAN Spectrometer Demonstrator Development of an on-ground RAMAN Spectrometer. Complete equipment supply.