Observation time in science-worthy class telescopes is generally expensive and difficult to obtain.

LIDAX has developed  Laboratory Simulators which can completely reproduce the optical behaviour of an astronomical telescope when observing stellar objects. This is achieved by replication and control over each phase of light trajectory; from the light source to the optical characteristics of the telescope, and passing through atmospheric turbulence.

The main subsystems of these Simulators are:

•   Stellar Objects Simulator: single and binary stars can be simulated with the spectral content selected by the customer; VIS, VIS-IR, discrete lambdas…

•   Atmospheric Turbulence Simulator: based on pseudo-random phase plates, several turbulence layers can be reproduced at the same time, with total control of the altitude and wind speed of each layer. The level of turbulence (r0) is defined by the customer.

•   Telescope:the optical properties of the telescope to be simulated are faithfully reproduced:  f number magnification,  size and position of pupils,  secondary mirror and spider obscurations…

In addition to this,  the following components may be added for extra functionality:

  • Wave Front Sensor to allow measurement and characterization of the turbulence created
  • Image plane monitoring system to provide images of the stellar objects

The subsystems described above make this type of simulator highly customizable which allows the customer to exactly fit the specific simulation requirements