PHT PHotonic Transceiver for secure space communications

Client: European Space Agency ESA

Year:  2008-2009

Quantum information science is an intriguing example where purely fundamental and even philosophical research can lead to useful new technology. This emerging discipline has become well known worldwide.

Quantum communication provides qualitatively new concepts, which are much more powerful than their classical counterparts.

In this context, the Spanish Consortium led by ALTER was awarded with an ARTES-5 R& D project by ESA.

The main objective of this project was to gain a deeper understanding of the Transceiver (Emitter and Receiver) so that it can be used in space link applications.

In this program, LIDAX has had the following responsibilities:

  • To develop structural analysis
  • To develop thermal analysis
  • To design thermal control S/S
  • To take part in the  Assembly and Space Qualification of Breadboard

The project finished in 2010 and included an Elegant Breadboard that was partially space qualified.