The Quality Policy of LIDAX constitutes the central pillar of the General Policy of the company.

Therefore, the Management Board maintains its commitment to devote the company’s full economic, technological and human potential to achieve the targets set out in the quality plan.

The company’s organization, its
 investment policy, its development of new methods, and its human resources are all oriented primarily to the development of engineering projects which meet the performance requirements established and satisfy customer’s needs.

LIDAX bases its policy on the following basic principles:

  • Achieving total customer satisfaction and compliance of all the requirements of our projects.

Thus, the projects are analyzed from different perspectives and the functionality of the resources employed (both material and technical) are optimized.

  • Commitment to continuous improvement of the quality of our services and the efficiency of our processes.

Therefore, a regular review process of our quality objectives within the framework of our quality system has been implemented.

  • Creating and maintaining a corporate culture for quality assurance.

Consequently, it is essential that all Personnel be involved in promoting awareness for quality production, as the basis for all company activities.

  • Devising employee involvement programs to encourage staff participation in all the company’s activities so as to enhance quality control and to optimize execution times.

In this way design reliability and problem prevention are guaranteed

  • Providing the appropriate level of professional training, motivation and expertise in all our fields of activity and ensuring the availability of the necessary technical means for the efficient development of all tasks.
  • Promoting interactive communication strategies among members of the production process so as to facilitate the development of the project as a common goal.
  • Adherence to professional standards and meeting all legally established norms and regulations.

All these action principles are intended to constitute a joint project shared by all LIDAX members, which focuses on continuous improvement.