For more than 17 years, LIDAX has developed many functional subsystems and has carried out several Qualification and Validation Test Campaigns for Space and Scientific Programs LIDAX has been involved in the following kind of projects:

  • Flight equipment
  • Optical Ground Support Equipment (OGSE)
  • Mechanical Ground Support Equipment (MGSE)

Listed below are some of the most outstanding projects developed by LIDAX up to now.


  • Optical Mounts for MTG Telescope Optics for IRS & FCI Instruments. Earth Observation Program
  • Development of a Mechanism for the Deployment of  an Ultrasonic Drilling Tool, for Robotic Exploration Missions in Mars.
  • Development of a hermetically sealed box for Raman Laser Module – ALD Rover Payload. EXOMARS Mission


  • Cryogenic characterization Tests of a Fine Steering Mechanism ESA ECho Scientific Mission
  • Development of a Dry Lubricated Gearboxes Family ESA ARTES 5.1 Telecommunications System Program
  • Hold Down and release Mechanisms for satellites M3B, E3B, DTV, A4R and  Acceptance Tests Campaign
  • Satellites Arrays for satellites ASTRA 2 W5 y W6, Redsat HAG1, Amazonas 3 Acceptance Test Campaign


  • Focal Plane Assembly CAS Co-Alignment Sensor ATLID EarthCare Instrument Mission Earth Observation Satellite.
  • Focal Plane Assembly for ISSIS Instrument. World Space Observatory WSO/UV
  • UV/Visible Spectrometer UVAS SEOSAT
  • JEM-EUSO IR Camera
  • Hold Down and release Mechanisms for satellites W5A, SES6, S5B, MZ3 and HG1 Acceptance Tests Campaign


  • Focal Plane Assembly for PLATO instrument for ESA
  • Hold Down and release Mechanisms for satellites Astra 2G, Astra 2E and Astra 2G Acceptance Tests Campaign


  • Photonic Transceiver
  • FTS Cryogenic Superconducting Levitation Mechanism
  • ESA Coarse Lateral Sensor Optical Coarse Lateral Sensor For Flight Formation
  • Hold Down & Release Mechanisms for HISPASAT 1E satellite
  • Focal Plane Assemblies for MIXS-T & MIXS-C Instruments of ESA BEPI COLOMBO satellite
  • RAMAN-LIBS Spectrometer for ExoMars


  • Atmospheric Turbulence Simulator for GTC, WHT & OGS IAC telescopes
  • Focal Plane Assemblies for MIXS-T & MIXS-C Instruments of ESA BEPI COLOMBO satellite


  • Hold Down and Release Mechanisms for ASTRA 3B, ARABSAT 5A & 5B, EXPRESS AM4, YAHSAT 1A & 1B & ASTRA 1N satellites
  • MIRI Telescope Simulator
  • MIRI Telescope Simulator Folding Mirrors
  • Laser Focus mechanism for Integrated Laser Tool in space environment
  • Herschel Telescope Mounting Structure high resolution alignment tool