MTO MTG FCI-IRS Telescope Optics Equipped Mounts

Client: EUMETSAT/ ESA/OHB/Thales Alenia Space/THALES

Year: 2013-2019

In the framework of MTG’s Instrument IRS (Infrared Sounder) and FCI’s Instrument Telescope (Flexible Combined Imager) for Earth Observation Mission called Metheosat Third Generation (MTG) and,  in close collaboration with an space optical manufacturer THALES, LIDAX is in charge of providing their thermo-mechanical mounts for both instruments FCI and IRS, including the local thermal control, for which it requires high accuracy and stability thermal  sensors.

The contract includes also the OGSE and MGSE’s  development specifically manufactured for its alignment and tests.

This project requires to develop eight flight equipments  simultaneously and, the recurrence achieved inherent to MTG mission, it will be delivered at the end of the program a total of 24 flight equipments.

The main requirements (depending on the mirror) are:

  • Thermal Range: TO Operational Condition 20ºC ± 5ºC TO Non Operational -40ºC +60ºC
  • Mass (Kg):

TO-I: M1:6.33; M2 0.37; M3: 2.14; M4/BS:0.59

FTO-S: M1:6.26; M2 0.17; M3: 1.82; M4/BS:0.77

  • In-Flight Stability requirements

From ± 1 µrad to ± 100 µrad

From ± 1 µm to ± 20 µm

  • High Control Cleanless requirements:

Particulate: 30-100ppm

Molecular 0.3-2.0

LIDAX is performing the following activities:

  • Opto-Mechanical design of M1, M2, M3, and M4/BS Optical Assemblies
  • Structural (stress, strength, stiffness and thermoelastic) Analyses
  • Manufacturing of Opto-Mechanical Items of Optical Assemblies
  • Procurement of specific Thermal Hardware (MLIs and Thermistors)
  • Integration and testing of Optical Assemblies
  • Design and Analysis of MGSE, and OGSE required for testing