The  Hot Vacuum Chamber system  (HVC) is a unique reference facility, presented in ESTEC (ESA) which is appropiate for hot temperature testing up to 250ºC in Vacuum or Nitrogen atmophere.

It has been adapted for hot temperature testing & thermal qualification test on different types of planetary gears/gear heads (Material, Coatings, Geometry) and makes possible to test a complete Gearbox.

Two parallel lines can carry out gears tests monitoring the following parameters in

  • Input & Output Torques
  • Input & Output Speeds
  • Temperature
  • Specimen Performance

The chamber can reach temperature between Room Temperature (20ºC) up to 250ºC,  simulating the extreme environmental conditions that some specific components and mechanism can withstand under hazardous conditions (Space & Fusion Plasma).

It also allows to implement a set of optical windows that allows measurements to be taken from the outsides. Besides, several electrical feed-throughs allow different sensors and electromechanical equipment to be placed inside.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Testing Size 540 x 430 x 169 mm
  • Pressure 10-5 mbar
  • Temperature Range [300, 553] K ± 1 K