In the framework of the ESA Telecommunications System Program (ARTES 5.1), LIDAX has developed a new generation of space planetary gearboxes.

This type of mechanical building block, once qualified, will be implemented in conjunction with electrical motors in space flight mechanisms applications.

The improvement of this mechanical building block is that could be exposed to extreme temperature operating conditions [-200ºC and/or on the opposite side +200ºC]. This extreme conditions may be produced due to power limitation causes or because it’s necessary an urgent deployment including in a non-nominal S/C configuration.

Some well known space companies have already shown their interest because, a variety of mechanism applications will benefit of this new generation of dry lubricated gearboxes (DLG), such as:

  • Solar Array Drive Mechanisms (SADM),
  • Antenna Deployment and Pointing Mechanisms (ADPM),
  • Instruments mechanism, robotic joints, rover locomotion systems, rotary actuators, etc…

LIDAX is offering partnership to those mechanism departments which require to implement a custom planetary gearbox. The aim is to improve the technical quality of their flight mechanism applications in order to obtain a more reliable, more cost-effective and finally more competitive space mechanism in the globalized space market.