LIDAX’s technical capabilities in opto-mechanics for space applications have been widely recognized, thanks to the development and delivery of complex Focal Plane Assemblies (FPAs) for several Scientific Space Missions and Earth Observation Projects.

We’re able to develop complex FPAs under client specifications (Optical Tolerancing, FEE, Thermo-Mechanical Interfaces…).

Our analysis and design solutions are validated and conducted on the built and integrated FPA, either in our own laboratory for vacuum and cryogenic testing, SMARTLAB, or establishing technology partnerships with other institutions with which LIDAX maintains a close collaboration for load and vibration testing.

Our task is to ensure the correct FPA performance from the integration phase up to the operational made in space environment, protecting it from undesirable effects caused by the working conditions in which the CCD will operate.

For these reasons, LIDAX has been a reliable partner for their clients to date, being recognized as one of the European leader companies in FPAs development.