During the last decade,  LIDAX has identified the necessity of incorporating Flexible Thermal Links (FTL) as part of different space equipments such as Focal Plane Assemblies, Cryo-coolers, Deployable radiators, Heat Pipes connection etc.

The use of Flexible Thermal Links is critical in some sensitive spacecraft components which cannot resist the vibration environment during spacecraft launch and pyro-shock in orbit. They are often mounted on isolators but still have to dissipate heat.

Our Flexible Thermal Link products approach is made by a multidisciplinary team of aerospace engineers: mechanical design, thermo-structural Analysis and Testing Engineers; this approach enables us to predict the thermo mechanical performances.

Their performances can be validated by testing on the prototype built, either in our own laboratory SmartLAB for vacuum and cryogenic testing, or establishing technology partnerships with other institutions with which LIDAX maintains a close collaboration for load testing or vibration, up to the complete delivery of the FTL Flight Model.

LIDAX has provided different FTL for space instruments in Scientific Space Missions and Earth Observation programs.