The  high vacuum and cryogenic system at Lidax’s SmartLab Tests Laboratory  can verify requirements of optical and electromechanical subsystems in extreme environments.

The Cryostat contains a turbo-pump, which can reach a vacuum up to 10-8 mbar inside it.

By using this equipment, together with the Helium compressor, the chamber can be  cooled  to reach a 12K temperature,   simulating the extreme environmental conditions that opto-mechanical quipment or mechanisms will  have to stand in Space.

To carry out  the test inside  a  cold plate in the shape of a tray with screw drills for a quick test specimen mounting is arranged inside the Cryostat

It also has a set of optical windows that allows measurements to be taken from the outsides. Besides, several electrical feed-throughs allow different sensors and electromechanical equipment to be placed inside.

A support mechanism permits rotation of the cryostat in order to change the gravity axis of the tested subsystem.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Testing Size ø300 x 300 mm
  • Pressure 10-8 mbar
  • Stationary Temperature Range [12, 200] K ± 1 K

Useful Volume for Testing 0.0385 m3