CLS Optical Coarse Lateral Sensor Satellites Flight Formation

Client: ESA –Thales Alenia Space

Year: 2009-2011

In close collaboration with Thales Alenia Space España, LIDAX has been involved in the development of the Coarse Lateral Sensor (CLS), an Electro-optical Positioning System for Formation Flying Satellites.

The aim of the CLS is to align two satellites that are in a particular constellation by measuring the lateral distance through the light-link between a transmitter and a reflective element. By means of this measurement, the transmitter and the reflective element will be located by each spacecraft, which will then allow them to be aligned to each other.

The main requirements of this device were:

  • OPTICAL BOX: CMOS, Optics & Proximity Electronics
  • Thermal Range: -20ºC to +50ºC
  • Measurement Stability (cold &hot cases): 3.0mm at 150m (±10 µm; ±20 µrad)

LIDAX has accomplished all these requirements, performing the following activities:

  • Opto-mechanical Design
  • Thermo-structural Analyses
  • Manufacturing Integration and Testing